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REMOTE CONTROL WITH TABLET (Wireless, Encrypted and Secure Connection)

It can be operated according to 2 (two) control modes that can be adjusted via the remote. The system starts operating in Manual Control Mode at the first boot, and it can be switched to GPS Control Mode if desired.

It determines the vehicle speed with GPS data, and automatically adjusts the engine speed, hence the air pressure and the drug discharge rate depending on the speed change.

Thus, even if there is a change in vehicle speed in the application area, equal and correct amount of spraying can be applied. With this system, it automatically stops spraying at speeds outside the speed range mentioned by the World Health Organization. When it comes to the appropriate vehicle speed, spraying starts again.


GPS Control Mode



Manual Control Mode

In Manual Control Mode, it provides spraying at 500 ml/min constant flow regardless of vehicle speed.


Functions That Can Be Controlled Via the Control

  • System (Power) on – off

  • Engine (Starter) start

  • ULV (spraying) start – stop

  • System backwash start – stop

  • Turning the beacon on and off


Indicators on the Remote

  • Spraying status indicator

  • Washing status indicator

  • beacon status indicator

  • Engine run time

  • battery level indicator

  • Pharmaceutical tank level indicator

  • Spray flow indicator

  • fuel tank level indicator

  • Speedometer connected to GPS

  • Tablet charge status indicator


Warning Messages

  • Oil change warning after 80 hours of engine operation

  • Oil switch fault warning


General features

Have the capacity to apply pesticides to open and wide areas of 250 hectares per day as well as channels and enclosed areas by means of a 10 meter long hose using the ULV method with its powerful, silent and environmentally friendly Briggs Vanguard engine.

Ample and cost effective supply of spare parts along with the security of costant maintenance and repair services since it is manufactured in Turkey.

Have the license of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

Reported by Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Test Center Director (TAMTEST).

Have the Certificate of Conformance to Criteria by Turkish Standards Institution.

Also have CE certificate by self-declaration.

cevre_ilac_makina_İL-STAR 18 HP TEKNO ULV.png
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