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Larval Remedies

NATULAR G30 ( % 2,5 Spinosad )

It provides ease of application in places where there are temporary water puddles.

prehatchThanks to its feature, it oscillates when there is water, it does not when there is no water. In this way, it shows effectiveness for a long time.

NATULAR GRANULES ( % 0,5 Spinosa )
NATULAR DT ( % 7,48 Spinosad )

Bilayer Tablet for direct applications

As soon as the effervescent part comes into contact with water, it dissolves within 60 seconds and begins to show its effect within 24 hours. The other slow-release layer maintains its effectiveness for 30 days. It is a safe product approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) even for use in drinking water.


1 Tablet = 1.35 g

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