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Housefly Remedies

( % 10 Thiamethoxam )

Agita 10 WG,It is an instant and long-lasting insecticide used in adult housefly control.

It also contains a hormone that attracts houseflies.Tricosene (0.05%)is found.

It is used by mixing with water, by spraying or painting method.

1) Spray Method:Mix 100 g of Agita 10 WG in 800 ml (0.8 L) of warm water. Put the mixture you have obtained in a pump and apply it to an area of 40 m2 in the form of spraying. The effect of the application you will make with this system continues for 42 days.

2) Painting Method:Mix 100 g of Ağita 10 WG with 80 ml of warm water until it reaches the consistency of painting. Apply the mixture you have obtained to an area of 40 m2 with the help of a brush. Make the application to several points in strips of 10×30 cm. The effect of this application continues for 6-8 weeks.

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