Mistblower System

Also, the cannon has got 5 pieces of 0,5 mm nozzles. These nozzles generate 50-100 microns in diameter droplets for Mist Blower spraying.

Electrostatic System

Droplets that are loaded by the electrostatic system reach the target more effectively.

Canal Spraying System

You can easily spray with 50 meters long hose which is hard to reach areas with a vehicle. 100-200 microns in diameter droplets are generated by 2,5 or 1,8 mm nozzles at the tip of the spray gun that you can use both residual and larvae spraying.


Remote Control

All functions of the machine can be controlled with remote control. The wireless remote control can be optionally added.


Cannon has got 180 degrees horizontal and 220 degrees vertical rotation capacity. The operator can easily spray in the desired direction by the
remote control.

Float System

The new float system is more durable. It shows the amount of fluid in the tank.


➡ With the bidirectional nozzle system, both ULV for fight against flies and Mist Blower for fight against residual are
offered as two different options on the same device.
➡ Due to the high air flow achieved by the radial fan system, it is effective in spraying long distances.
➡ It can be easily carried on pick-up because of small and light chassis.
➡ It runs quieter because of the gasoline engine.

Engine: Vanguard Briggs Gasoline Engine. 23 HP, 2 cylinder.

Machine Dimensions

      • Width : 1200 mm
      • Length : 1400 mm
      • Height : 1600 mm
      • Weight : 335 kg

Tank Volumes

      • Solution Tank : 300 Lt
      • Gasoline Tank : 22 Lt
      • Washer Tank : 20 Lt

Fuel Consumption

3 liters/hour Gasoline

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