Through its micro-dosing system, formulations can be prepared with the desired one of three different chemicals. Desired drugs are put in three tanks with a capacity of seven liters. Depending on the type of the application, the desired one of these drugs is chosen and thus three different applications (for adult, for larvae, and for residual application) are performed without mixing one to another.

The Micro-dosing pump is set manually to prepare desired mixing rates. Thereby, the appropriate amount of the mixture is set for the application that will be performed.


The wireless remote control system, which works with radiofrequency, runs the machine up to 50 meters. All functions of the machine (engine start-stop, engine speed upgrade-reduce, spraying start-stop, cleaning start-stop, lighting lamp on-off, and horizontally-vertically moving of the cannon) are controlled with this remote. With the joystick on the remote, the cannon is moved easily.


For ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) applications, there are 10 nozzles in diameter of 0,2 mm inside and outside of the cannon. Also, the nozzles placed on the outside of the cannon can be optionally deactivated. With these nozzles, 0-50 micron in diameter droplets are generated, and spraying can be done up to 15 meters.


Five nozzles in diameter of 0,5 mm inside of the cannon are used for Mist-Blower application. With these nozzles, 50-100 micron in diameter droplets are generated, and spraying can be done up to 30 meters. Such this application is preferred to spray high or far places, and this method is used for adult and residual applications.


With the 50-meter-hose, it is easy to spray the places where your vehicle cannot enter or which are really hard to reach. With the nozzle at the spray-lance, 100-200micron in diameter droplets are generated. Thus, larvae and residual applications can be done.



With horizontally 180o and vertically 220o movement capability cannon, it is easy to spray desired places, just using the remote.





1.    Owing to the micro-dosing pump system, three different drugs can be used with desired mixing rates. Thus, it prevents the waste of time. Besides, it reduces labor and drug costs, so that it provides higher efficiency.

2.    Both ULV method for adult struggle and MISTBLOWER method for the residual application can be done using the same machine.

3.    It is a strong sprayer that sprays the drugs with higher pressure to a far distance that other application equipments cannot reach.

4.    It can be so easy to fight against all kinds of pests with both HV (High Volume) and ULV (Ultra Low Volume) applications.

This is a universal (for the struggle of larvae and adults) machine to spray large areas against pests (mosquitoes, houseflies, lice, fleas, ticks etc.) that threaten public helath. Also, it is used in agricultural areas.

Engine: Lombardini LDW 1404 Diesel Engine. 35.2 HP, 3 cylinder.

Machine Sizes

* Width: 146 cm
* Length: 210 cm
* Height: 185 cm
* Weight: 530 kg

Tank Volumes

* Water Tank: 500 Lt.
* Drag Tank: 3×7 Lt.
* Diesel Tank: 30 Lt.
* Cleining Water Tank: 30 Lt.

Spraying Distance

* Ulv : 25 – 30 m.
* Mist-Blower : 25 – 30 m.
* Canal Apparatus: 10 – 11 m.

Fuel Consumption

3,30 liters/hour diesel

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