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Mouse Remedies

( % 0,005 Brodifacoum)

The irresistible taste and attractiveness of the product ensures that the required lethal amount is consumed by the rodent in a single dose.

20 grams Klerat Wax Blocks are ideal for feeding in rodent nests, buildings, grain stores, food stores or in wet/humid environments such as drains and sewers.

Klerat Wax Block is a highly effective, single-dose rodenticide developed for professionals. Thanks to the property of its active ingredient, Brodifacoum, it always shows outstanding results also on resistant rodent populations.

Clerat Wax Block should be used as long as signs left by or caused by rodents are seen. Just a few grams is sufficient to control rodents in a single dose.

However, Clerat Wax Block shows its effect within a few days by causing internal bleeding due to the nature of the second generation anticoagulant Brodifacoum active substance. During this time, rodents continue to be fed until death, due to the irresistible taste of Klerat Candle Blok. In this context, it is recommended to use Klerat Wax Block with “Economical Feeding with Kedeli” to prevent further consumption. This technique is particularly useful in agricultural situations.

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